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What We Offer

We have trained people with every level of fitness from beginners just learning about exercise and nutrition to professional athletes needing that extra edge.  All programs are customized to meet your specific needs and focused on your goals.  Here are some of the programs:   

  • Weight, Inches and Fat loss
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Strength & Conditioning Programs All Sports, All Ages
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning 
  • Pre & Post Natal Training & Nutrition
  • One on One Personal Coaching or Buddy Training (2 buddies can train together such as couples or friends)
  • Sports Psychology Coaching
  • Small Group Fitness of 3-4 
  • Health and Fitness Lifestyle Coaching 
  • Plant Base & Non Vegetarian Nutrition Programs for Athletes and Non Athletes.
  • Diabetec Management  and Nutrition

HomeAbout MarshaServicesContact MePhotosClient Stories